Vinilo is the result of the merging of two cultures: rock, which moves us from within, and wine as a revolutionizing force.

Ever since our childhood, we have been naturally imbued with musical culture and songs that would play inside our heads and madly fill our souls with passion. This wine represents the same kind of passion; it is a means for us to transcend, create, and let our memories and feelings, our joys and sorrows, the highs and lows run wild. Just like music, wine transports us and fills us up; it is straightforward and rebellious, vital and brutal. Vinilo is music, passion, madness, vitality, brutality. Wine at its purest, visceral, unique… just like rock!

The Company

Vinilo Wines is owned by Mauricio Boullaude (Finca La Celia – Zorzal Wines – A16 Winery) who has a long experience in the world of wine, and his son Leandro Boullaude (Bocanada Wines). Together, they synergize their wine and marketing skills to offer a successful product. With grapes sourced from the Uco Valley, Vinilo Wines has been producing high-quality wines since 2012. Through an innovative system that involves concrete egg-shaped vessels for the fermentation and aging processes, the principle is to obtain lively, vertical wines with a powerful terroir character that can display the maximum expression of the varieties combined. Austere and with marked minerality, these elegant wines are a superb pair to all types of cuisine. Vinilo offers a modern and appealing package design to those consumers who are eager to enjoy and share modern wines.